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Boss Tweed Old Tom Gin

Montana is full of natural beauty.  Many native plants adorn the landscape (including Great Basin Wildrye). These trees and plants help create Montana’s unique look, feel and for those in the know, also its unique taste. At Wildrye Distilling, our philosophy is to let Montana’s unique flora define the flavor and aroma of our spirits.

Juniper grows wild in the mountains across Montana. We use the seed cones (berries) of this native plant to flavor our pre-prohibition style Old Tom Gin.  Old Tom Gin originated in 18th century England and was very popular for it’s well-rounded flavor and aroma long before dry “white” Gin styles appeared. Wildrye’s Boss Tweed Old Tom Gin is made with a secret recipe of aromatic botanicals using old style distillation methods.

The Old Tom Style offers a rich flavor profile with a botanical depth not found in newer London Dry Style Gins.  Boss Tweed Gin marries old-world tradition with modern distilling ingenuity, and is made by hand in Bozeman MT. Since this is a traditional English style gin, it is by nature a little sweeter than typical London Dry Gins.

Boss Tweed is a great base for both traditional and modern cocktails. It is bright enough to make summery gin cocktails and fruit infusions, but robust enough to stand up to herbal classics.

Recipes using Boss Tweed Old Tom Gin