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The Wildrye Sazerac

  • 1 Oz Five Drops Bourbon
  • ¾ Oz Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 1 Dash Wormwood bitters
  • 2 Dash Angostura bitters
  • 3 Dash Peychauds bitters

Fill cocktail glass with ice. Add brown sugar syrup and all bitters. Pour Bourbon Over top. Stir garnish with a cherry, add flamed orange twist.

Amaretto Sour

  • 1 Oz Five Drops Bourbon
  • ¼ Oz Lemon
  • ¾ Oz Amaretto (for Homemade Amaretto Recipe see below)**

Fill cocktail glass with ice. Add all ingredients. Stir. Garnish with a cherry.

** Mix 1 cup brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar. Dissolve with 1 cup hot water while stirring.  Add 4 tsp high quality almond extract, 2 tsp high quality vanilla extract. Add 2 cups Vodka. Stir together and chill.

P-Burg (Philipsburg) Lemonade

  • 1.5 Oz Five Drops Bourbon
  • 1 Dash Orange Bitters
  • ¼ Oz Lemon
  • ¼ Oz Lime
  • ½ Orange juice
  • Top with Lemonade

Mix all ingredients in a High-Ball Glass, Stir Briefly Garnish with an orange slice.

Horses Neck

1.5 Oz Five Drops Bourbon

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Top with Cock and Bull Ginger Beer


  • Make a long lemon peel twist. Spiral up Collins glass while adding ice. Pour in bourbon and dash in bitters. Top with ginger beer.

Joy Ride

1.25 Oz Five Drops Bourbon

1 Oz Lemon

¾ Oz Simple Syrup

1 Dash Angostura Bitters

Top with soda


  • Mix Ingredients in an old fashioned glass and stir well. Garnish with Lemon Wheel

Montana Apple Spice

1.5 Oz Five Drops Bourbon

1.5 Oz Apple Pie

¼ Oz Cinnamon syrup

Dash of cranberry


Pour over ice and stir. Garnish with cinnamon stick

Wildrye Manhattan

2 Oz Five Drops Bourbon

½ Oz Sweet Vermouth

2 Dashes Orange Bitters


  • Add Ingredients to shaker and STIR until chilled. Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with cherry.

Wildrye Old Fashioned

2 Oz Five Drops Bourbon

½ Oz Simple syrup

1 Orange Slice

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters


Add orange slice to 7 Oz glass, add simple, add ice, dash in bitters. Pour bourbon over the top, stir and top with a cherry.

Wild Applesauce Shot

1 ½ Oz Wildrye Apple Pie

½ Oz Wildrye Premium Vodka

½ Oz Cinnamon Simple

2 Dashes Pineapple Juice


– Combine into shaker with ice, shake vigorously and strain into shot glass.

Autumn’s Eve

2 Oz Wildrye Apple Pie

¾ Oz Cherry Juice

¼ Oz Honey

¼ Oz Lemon

2 Dashes Orange Bitters


– Combine into Shaker and Strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.  Garnish with Cherries.