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Silver Rum

Here in Montana, we don’t grow sugar cane. It’s just too cold up here! However, we are the nation’s 5th largest producer of SUGAR BEETS, leaving us with A LOT OF LOCAL SUGAR!

At Wildrye, we carry on the tradition of making use of what we have. This reduces our carbon footprint, helps support Montana’s agricultural heritage, and is just plain fun!

Therefore, we make our Beet Sugar rum using Montana sugar beet sugar from Billings.


To keep that distinctive rum flavor, we add in classic black strap cane molasses before we ferment and distill.

Our Ramsdell’s Parrot Silver Rum is an un-aged sugar spirit that is probably best compared to something like Cachaca (a sugar cane moonshine from Brazil). Yes, it makes a mean Caipirinha (Brazil’s national cocktail), as well as a great Mohito.

Ramsdell’s Parrot was the name of one of the earliest copper mines in Butte. Since we use a mix of beet sugar and sugar cane molasses to prepare our own Montana Rum, we thought this name was fitting. After all, a parrot is not only a pirate’s best friend (Arr-matey), it is the tool a distiller uses to measure the proof of spirits coming off the still.

Recipes using Silver Rum